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Here is the plan for our June 9th meeting.  Since we are not allowed into the school we will be using Zoom for our meeting and presenting our winter challenges and a show and tell time.  Please follow the below instructions so that Scott can make the set up for our meeting.  


Marty Richter

DelVal Turners President


DelVal Turners – June 9th Online Show & Tell Meeting (Quaran-Turning)


Members, we are pleased to announce that we will hold a meeting next month (Tuesday, JUNE 9th, 2020, regular start time of 7:00 PM) as an online Zoom meeting. The meeting will be started early at 6:30 to allow members to get set up with the technology and allow a bit of time for socializing.


Invitations will be sent to all members ahead of June 9th, so that you may download some software, or otherwise get prepared for the meeting. The final details will be worked out and be included in the upcoming invitation.


The meeting will be a Show & Tell format, using photos that you submit ahead of the meeting.


via email to Scott Malin (see Member's Area for contact info).


If you follow the directions listed below, you should have no problem sending all your photos in one email. Scott will acknowledge receipt of your submissions by Sunday night. If you have photos available before 6/6, please send them sooner!




The topics will cover the two challenges that were issued to the membership on March 17th, just as we began our Covid-19 sequester. These were:


               Challenge C1: Turn a VESSEL: a hollow container, especially one to hold liquid, such as a bowl, hollow form or cask. Any size.


               Challenge C2. A User-made turning accessory. Not turned, perhaps, but made by the member to aid her/him while at the lathe and make an item to show having used the turning accessory. 


               ST: Show & Tell: We will also have an open Show & Tell, separate from the challenges listed above.


You may submit up to 6 photographs in total. It is up to you how to distribute these. For example, if you participate in both challenges (C1) and (C2), and the Show & Tell (ST), you could submit 2 photos of each of these categories. As another example, if you don’t enter either challenge, you may submit up to 6 images in the Show & Tell.




Turners: Please submit your photographs in the following format as closely as you are able:

Format:  JPEG

Size:  maximum 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high, this should result in each photo being under 2 mb

Photo Naming:  Topic_Turner's Name_Project Name_#       (underscores separate the data)



C1_Marty Richter_Skewed Vase_1

C1_Marty Richter_Skewed Vase_2

C2_Philip T Hauser_Sphere Jig_1

ST_Mike Zickler_New Turning_1


This format will help us sort the photos properly for the challenges and show & tell. The numbers at the end will keep them sorted in the order you want to talk about them if you submit more than 1 photo for any topic.


4/8/2020   Message from Marty Richter:  

Covid-19 Forces Cancellation of April, May and June Meetings


We all need to do our part to keep our members and community safe and healthy, so we have decided to cancel our April, May, and June meetings.  Also, the school is closed to all events until further notice.
We will continue to send links to what is happening in the turning world. If you have news to share, would like to write an article, or share a picture or video of your latest work, please email Dave Leader so he will be able to upload to our web site.

If you have questions, contact me at (see Members Area for contact info)

Stay safe and healthy.

Marty Richter 
DelVal Turners President


DelVal Turners' Club Officers


Marty Richter                    President

Paul Bracciante                Executive Vice President

Phil Hauser                       Vice President - H.O.Ws
Joe Quigley                       Vice President - Librarian
Dave Potts                        Membership

Scott Malin                        Treasurer

Mike Zickler                       Secretary 

John Coles                        TBD
Dave Leader                      Logistics and webmaster




DelVal Turners meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Meeting topics include show and tells, demonstrations, and discussions on various turning related subjects, such as tool sharpening, sanding, finishing, chucks, jigs, marketing your crafts etc. New members are encouraged to contribute new ideas to help create an interesting and challenging program. Our demonstrations are most often given by nationally and internationally renowned turners and artists.




Our meetings start at 7PM and take place in the wood shop at the Moorestown Friends School, 110 East Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057


OTHER EVENTS: Philip Hauser runs a great hands on open house at his workshop on the  3rd Tuesday of each month. The open house is an informal setting where members discuss different issues such as tool use, tool sharpening,  wood preparation, and turning techniques. Phil and other members often demonstrate these techniques. See Member's Area for Phil's contact information. 





A 50/50 raffle is conducted during most meetings to augment the club’s finances. We also run Hands on Workshops (HOWs)  once each year,  taught by  volunteer experienced members of the club in their homes. Various specialties are covered.




The club invites some of the best woodturners in the world to demonstrate at our club meetings . Woodturners freely share their skills with all,  thus providing novice to expert turners with a wealth of information. 




The club will often offer information about wood that has become available and tools for sale. We also inform members of different woodturning events in the area and upcoming symposiums. 




Membership is open to all interested in woodturning. Annual dues are $ 30.00 per person. Dues are valid  for the  calendar year. 


Members are strongly  encouraged to join the American Association of Woodturners. It publishes a great quarterly magazine about woodturning and an annual directory of members and resources and it organizes annual symposiums. The AAW offers liability insurance for all club organized activities to AAW members.

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