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Hands on Workshops 2015

Scott Malin - Cherry Hill, NJ

CAD Software for Turning Design


Students per session:2

These are half day sessions @$20.00


Scott will teach the basics of Sketchup, which is a 3-d modeling software that is used by woodworkers and other professionals and hobbyists who want to creat 2-D or 3-D drawings of their work. It is available as a free version called Shetchup Make, and there is a professional version called Sketchup pro. The free version does most of what the pro versiond does, but has a few software limitations.


Woodworkers use Shetchup to create images of furniture and woodturnings, with realistic coloring and accurate coloring and accurate dimensions. You can create 2-d plans to work from, and you can easily convert the plans into 3-D forms. You can easily import wood photographs to make custom colors and textures. Here are some examples of work created with Sketchup.

Your plans will be to scale to an accuracy of 1/64th of an inch. The program can work in inches, feet/inches, and metric dimensions.


Please note: Anyone wanting to take the class does not need prior experience, but should have some familiarity with general computer use. Scott will start with the beginner in mind, unless students want a more advanced course.


Scott will cover the following aspects of the software:

Drawing 2-D and 3-D woodturning plans.

How to work with dimensions, layers, groups, and components.

How to organize your work to adjust what you see, and look at various options.

Using advanced tools (as appropriate and to the limits of his knowledge).


No equipment is required, but if students want to download Sketchup ahead of time and bring their own laptop, they are welcome to do so. The software can be found at: 


Scott will have his laptop set up with two screens, so attendees will be able to see what is going on and try some of the drawing themselves.


Scott Malin

139 Europa Blvd.

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

(609) 828-8644 (outside of work hours is preferred)

Dave Leader -Glendora, NJ

Pens, Styluses, Bullet Cartridge Pens, Bottle Stoppers, Key Chains, Seam Rippers, and Fan Pulls


Students per session: 2

These are half day sessions @ $20.00

Skill Level: beginner to intermediate.


This class will show you all the steps involved in creating and finishing beautiful Pens, Styluses, Bullet Cartridge Pens, Bottle Stoppers, Key Chains, Seam Rippers, and Fan Pulls. Various burning, shaping, beading, and finishing techniques will be presented, and you will be given a chance to try them all. Depending on the items chosen, you will be taught such things as drilling, truing, preparing for the use of mandrels, mounting, assembly, turning, and finishing. You will leave this course with two beautifully finished pieces.

You are welcome to turn two pieces from any of the categories or one piece from each of two categories of your choosing.

Special requests for dates and times not on the schedule are welcome. Please call Dave at 856-939-3862

Please note: For this course, to cover the costs of materials, there will be an additional charge of $4 for each standard pen kit and a blank of your choosing (either wood or acrylic), and $5 for a designer pen kit, bottle stopper, keychain or fan pull kit. This fee is to be paid directly to Dave.

If you have a favorite piece of wood, bring it along.  Most pen blanks are ¾” square and 5 inches long.  Bottle stoppers blanks are typically 2x2x3+”.


Safety first: Dave will provide safety equipment for use during these sessions. However, please feel free to bring your own.


Dave Leader
1105 Huntington Avenue
Glendora, NJ 08029

(856) 939-3862

Robert Jay  - Collingswood, NJ

Hollow Forms Using the Monster Hollowing System


Students per session: 1

These are half day sessions: $20.00


Please Note: Two classes are available any Tuesday evening during the HOW program schedule, with the exception of DelVal meeting nights.

This half day course will teach how to make a hollow form using the Monster hollowing system which is similar to the Jamison system. If you are thinking about getting either of these tools, this class will give you a better understanding of them and teach you how to use them.








​Robert Jay

154 New Jersey Ave
Collingswood NJ 08108

(856) 979-2241

Phil Hauser - Hainesport, NJ


Students per session: 1

These are half day sessions @$20.00


Two options are offered for these sessions. You can choose either of the two.

Option 1: Bowl from a Board

It is feasible to make a bowl from a flat board. This is done by cutting it into concentric rings. Rather than making 90 degree cuts, they are angled to the board’s plane. Consequently, the top of each ring has a larger diameter than its bottom. This allows the rings to be glued as a stack that can then be turned.


In this course, Phil will show you how to lay out the rings and the angles necessary in cutting them. They will then be cut and glued to form your rough bowl. He will have a blank glued up ahead of time, which will allow you to finish turn the assembly to take home as a completed bowl from a board. In the event that there is not enough time to completely finish the turning, students will have learned enough to take their pieces home to finish them there.


Option 2: How to Make a Peppermill

This course will assist you in making a pepper mill you can take home at the end of the session. It will show you all the steps in building a beautiful pepper or salt mill.


Please note: For this course there will be an additional charge of $14.00 for the mill mechanism, payable to Phil. If you have a favorite piece of wood to make the mill, bring it along. If not Phil has nice peppermill blanks available.



Phil Hauser

71 Mt. Laurel Rd.
Hainesport NJ 08036

(609) 518-9801

Marty Richter- Marlton, New Jersey

Spindle Turning


Skill Level - beginner to intermediate

Students per session: 2

These will be half day sessions @$20.00


Learn the basic concepts of spindle turned objects that may include weed / dried flower holders, candle sticks, letter openers and sculptural forms.  The class will also include multi axis turning. 


Choices in what will be turned will be a little open ended, thus allowing different choices for the students, including their own ideas.


Please note: Personal eye protection is required.

Marty Richter

231 Poplar Avenue
Marlton New Jesey 8053

(856) 753-8638

Steve Leichner - Westmont, NJ

Bowls, From Start to Finish


Students per session: 1

These will be half day sessions @ $20.00


Steve will take you through the process of turning a bowl from start to finish. He will teach you how to chainsaw a log, trim it, and mount it to the lathe.You wil be taught to rough-in a salad bowl blank, then finish turning a pre-dried blank. You will then oil it. Next will be compound buffing a dried and oiled piece, then coating it with a special polyurethane coctail.


You will be taking home a finished pieced.

Steve Leichner

604 Westmont Ave
Westmont NJ 8108

(856) 854-2051

Jim Hobson - Upper Darby, Pa.

Turning Finials


Students per session: 2

These will be half day sessions @ $20.00


Jim will discuss wood species, sizing, and sources. He will provide Cherry with the possibility of Dogwood or Maple. He will discuss spindle turning tools, their sharpening and use.


He will show you finial design through sketches and an article recently published in American Woodturning. Finials will be turned at twice Jim's normal size for teaching purposes, then at his usual size. He will also discuss the use of tremblors in finial turning.


Students will take home a finished piece along with Jims sketches and copies of  the atricles.

Jim Hobson

7105 Hazel Ave.
Upper Darby PA 19082

(610) 734-1996

Don Hart - Salem, NJ

Hand Chased Threads


Students per Session - 2

These will be half day sessions @ $20.00



When Don teaches chasing threads, he usually makes a nut and bolt, rather than a box.  The nut is easier to make, since the chaser can go through the nut without stopping.  When making the box lid, you must stop before you hit bottom and ruin the threads.  The bolt is easier to make than the bottom of the box for the same reason. 


He has practiced on Corian, since the wood that we use for threads is usually a bit expensive. He also practices on PVC pipe.  Don's goal for the class is to have the students make a threaded nut and bolt.


Although nothing is required for the class, if the students take on an interest, they will need thread chasing tools. The finer the threads the better. They are usually 20 tpi, or 18 tpi. 

Ray Cole - Palmyra, NJ

Segmented Turning Basics


Students per session: 4

These will be full day sessions @ $35.00


This session will cover various types of segmented wood turning, tools, woods used, and understanding their movement.  Ray will discuss techniques in cutting and gluing the segments, and some helpful jigs that are involved.


Ray will also cover the design process, and will include your creating a design, and finally creating a cut sheet.


One other thing that be discussed is the addition of different, bowl enhancing rings with special features.

Please note: Because of the complexity and time involved in segmented turning, you will not actually be turning a piece, but you will leave this class with the knowledge necessary in getting started in segmented turning.