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Kent Weakley Tip   


Cracked Wood Bowl Reduce CA Stains

There you are turning and your bowl is looking great but all of a sudden you notice a crack.

If you decide to fix the crack with CA (cyanoacrylate), you can fill the crack with some fine wood dust or other colored filling.

But before you add the filler and apply the CA, here's the tip – spray a light coat of canned lacquer around the cracked area and let it dry.

Don't bother using a good quality canned lacquer, any brand will do.

The light coat of lacquer around the crack surface acts like a mask and reduces the amount of staining caused by the CA.

Once the crack is glued and dry, sand the surface and remove all the lacquer in the process.

Be sure to read these other articles all about fixing bowl cracks:
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Happy Turning,
Kent Weakley

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